Making the world a beautiful place one eyebrow at a time. 


I have always had a passion for art, makeup, and all that is beautiful.  I fell in love with the microblading process because it is an art as well as a form of semi-permanent makeup.  This technique provides crisp, hair-like results.  My one focus is eyebrows only.  I do not do facials, peels, or other services.    I do only eyebrow microblading!

The eyebrows frame the face and are a very important feature. Most of us are not blessed with great eyebrows. This is the best way to achieve a long lasting, very natural looking brow. The days of the Sharpie looking brows are gone!

With my background as an RN, I have extensive knowledge of skin healing so this career was a natural fit for me. I have also been trained as a surgical technician.   I use only sterile disposable instruments on every client.

I am a certified Microblade artist, licensed RN and also hold an Oregon tattoo license.